Who we are...

We were founded on the principal of being the leading authority on accessing capital through private money lenders whether a fund, individual lender or investor. There is more money available than deals. That will never change. Real Estate is a safe and secure investment that offers everyone a substantially higher return on investment and an opportunity to build generational wealth.

Private Money Authority isn’t just the company, we are a large consortium of experts in the field of funding real estate. This includes the lenders we broker for, the funds we advise and consult with, the borrowers accessing capital, rehab contractors and those who coach and educate real estate investors.

Whether you want to borrow money, seek investors, lend money or have a private coach and mentor we will be there for you. We are your advocate and friend in the world of private money.

Private Money Authority

Welcome Investors,

Thank you for visiting my site. I am here to help you invest in real estate whether you want to lend or borrow money. I will be posting a lot of information about how to access private money to create leverage for your business.

My clients are my focus though I broker money. I work for my clients, not the lenders. Once we have a Client Agreement in place I will open the door to a whole new world of opportunity in Real Estate investing. I am your Mentor, not your friend. I will ask you to do things that may be uncomfortable. You will need to meet deadlines and return documents in a timely manner. You will need to establish an entity with an EIN and bank account as a requirement of all lenders, fund managers and capital sources I work with. But if you work with me I will get your deals funded. Nate


How it works? I would like to have a business relationship with you built on mutually beneficial opportunities to be very successful in the Real Estate Investing sphere. When we begin that relationship I ask for just a few things namely: A broker fee agreement. Executive Summary on the current deal you are seeking funding for. Borrower's Checklist (you don't send this back to me, it is a guide to help you prepare for the loan process. When we have this relationship and you have engaged my services (100% FREE to you!) then I can assess your exit strategy and goals to match you to a lender or fund manager whose product and program best fits your needs because I WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

I will be posting all of the forms on this blog but I will email you them in sets based on the lender that meets your need. First, my services will need to be engaged. This creates a fiduciary responsibility for me to best represent you as my client. I work for you! I am on your team! And yes with 30-day notice you can terminate my services at any time.

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